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I was so happy to find all the cookie recipes in my stocking this year. I was on a real cookie binge through the month of December (and still am), so imagine my surprise when I open my stocking and find such a beautiful array of cookie recipes.

Moving on...

I also received some super cute animal pics and vids; being an animal lover, these little additions really cheered me up too. In addition, a New Zealand band recommendation (and metal to boot!), some much-needed and exciting sounding YA fantasy book recommendations, and some lovely holiday greetings.

Now down to the fic.


Missing Persons - tarlanx (tarlan) - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - Mick had started to move on but an unusual case shared with Josef showed him a new path to follow, with Josef by his side.

In this fic, Mick and Josef get away from the hustle and bustle of LA and work together on a case that reeks of Greek mythology. There's protective Josef and Mick pouncing on the idea that he and Josef could have a happy little existence together... and what more do you need? I was so happy to receive Mick/Josef in my stocking this year and tarlan was just the perfect person to gift it to me.

Domestication - katiemariie - Penny Dreadful - Ethan/Sembene - An old Harry Potter fandom trope applied to the end of season 2: even when trapped together on a full moon, a werewolf will not kill its mate. Or, you know, the guy he likes.

In this fic, Ethan wolfs out like he did in the episode, but unlike in canon doesn't kill Sembene. This is really the perfect fix-it fic for these two, and it was secretly one of the requests pairings I wanted most because I miss these two SO MUCH. Ethan and Sembene are just so beautiful and caring and touching in this fic and it's like the perfect catharsis after that episode. And, to boot, it's in Sembene's lovely point of view. 

I told you so - angelus2hot - Vampire Diaries - Damon/Alaric

In this drabble, Damon comes back hurt due to an ambush and Alaric is waiting for him, though figures it might not be too nice if he tells Damon 'I told you so,' at least in that particular moment. The 'rush into things without thinking' Damon that we all know and love is featured here, though at least he has Alaric to come back home to. I just love this little drabble to pieces.


Beth Turner - falcon_horus - Moonlight

falcon_horus gifted me again this year with a lovely 'Happy New Year!' Beth Turner piece. I'm still hung up over the show Moonlight and Beth is still one of my much beloved favorite characters, and WOW is she radiant here. I still can't get over how beautiful the piece (and she) is.

Recs & Other

Thank you to schlitzie_ramone for the band rec! And thank you to dunderklumpen for the animal vids and pics. Also thank you so much to cookiegirl for the YA fantasy book recs and for sharing with me a wonderful fanmix she had previously made (it's about Trick from Lost Girl and is so awesome, so go check it out).

Cookie Recipes

Thank you so much to bonnefois, highlander_ii, roeskva, ladyoneill and spiralicious for the cookie recipes!

Other Holiday Greetings

I also received some lovely holiday greetings from: valarltd, knowmefirst (who gave me a lovely image of vintage pocket watches), and twinsarein (whose little frog animation is just so damn cute).

Thank you to everyone who decided to grace my stocking with their lovely creations. A wonderful, happy and healthy 2017 to all of you!
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Part 2 of 2 - Drabbles & Other ('cause apparently the post or the tag list or something is too large :(

I ended up stuffing 17 stockings for my second year at Fandom Stocking: 10 fics, 4 drabbles, 1 vid rec list, 1 music rec list, and 1 stocking that received both 1 fic and 1 piece of art.

Just like the year prior, it was difficult for me to stick to just drabbles, though I had loads of fun writing everything and even creating the vid rec list. I was able to branch out of my usual SPN fandom again (only 3/13 were SPN), which made me so happy. I was able to write in 4 other fandoms I have written for in previous years (Moonlight, Dark Angel, Z Nation and Hunger Games), and wrote for 5 new fandoms this year (Fantastic Beasts, DC Super Hero Girls, The Magicians, Lost Girl and Mag 7). I was especially ecstatic to write in the Mag 7 fandom (I just found this series this past summer and it has taken over my life).

Speaking of, my Mag 7 stocking stuffers for Mag7 Daybook are HERE.

Again, like last year, I'll thank those I've gifted for allowing me to write what I've written. It was the best Holiday season yet.


Close Call - Z Nation - Roberta, Murphy, Doc – Murphy has a close call.

The Morning After - The Magicians - Q/Eliot/Margo – Eliot and Margo both gave to him and took from him. They hadn’t used him and, with satisfaction, Q knew he hadn’t used them either.

Lead and Follow - Supernatural - demon!Dean/Crowley – Dean and Crowley’s summer escalates into something more.

A Christmas to Remember - Dark Angel - Alec/Max/Original Cindy + Joshua - Alec just wishes Max would stop stealing the cookies.

Fic + Art

Heartaches & Cityscapes - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - The first sip, purer than what he currently had back in his apartment, finally unfroze his tongue. “I haven’t felt the same since you turned me. It’s like I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything, trying to figure out where you fit in my life.”

“And I don’t fit?”

Vid Rec List
The Originals/The Vampire Diaries - Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus + Stefan/Klaus

Music Rec List
(Metal + Rock)

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Part 1 of 2 - Fic ('cause apparently the post or the tag list or something is too large :(

I ended up stuffing 17 stockings for my second year at Fandom Stocking: 10 fics, 4 drabbles, 1 vid rec list, 1 music rec list, and 1 stocking that received both 1 fic and 1 piece of art.

Just like the year prior, it was difficult for me to stick to just drabbles, though I had loads of fun writing everything and even creating the vid rec list. I was able to branch out of my usual SPN fandom again (only 3/13 were SPN), which made me so happy. I was able to write in 4 other fandoms I have written for in previous years (Moonlight, Dark Angel, Z Nation and Hunger Games), and wrote for 5 new fandoms this year (Fantastic Beasts, DC Super Hero Girls, The Magicians, Lost Girl and Mag 7). I was especially ecstatic to write in the Mag 7 fandom (I just found this series this past summer and it has taken over my life).

Speaking of, my Mag 7 stocking stuffers for Mag7 Daybook are HERE.

Again, like last year, I'll thank those I've gifted for allowing me to write what I've written. It was the best Holiday season yet.


Sweet Serenity - Fantastic Beasts - Jacob/Queenie - Queenie would no sooner leave her heart behind than she would Jacob. Damn MACUSA’s rules.

Mutual Madness - DC Super Hero Girls - Diana/Harley + Kara/Barbara - Diana gets a taste of the madness within.

Better than Memory Foam - Supernatural - Dean/Crowley/Cas – An angel and a demon in his room, like it was a perfectly normal day.

A Visit Filled with Promise - Fantastic Beasts - Newt/Jacob - The Atlantic Ocean may have separated them, but Jacob Kowalski had never been far from Newt’s cluttered head.

The Wedding Video - Lost Girl - Bo/Tamsin + Kenzi, Dyson, Trick – Someone had to document the happiest day of Bo Bo’s life.

Five Times Crowley Offered His Services, And One Time Dean (Willingly) Accepted - Supernatural - Crowley/Dean - Dean can’t escape Crowley so easily, and it’s probably good that he can’t.

Hangover Remedies - Magnificent Seven - Vin/Chris - Somehow Vin wandered into someone else’s room last night.

Swept into Four Corners - The Originals/Magnificent Seven - Elijah, Klaus + Vin/Chris - Elijah Mikaelson is a renowned bounty hunter searching for his brother Klaus. Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner are just trying to fill up a free afternoon with whiskey.

Firecracker - Hunger Games - Haymitch/Johanna - The first time Haymitch met Johanna she was all sharp, unforgiving eyes and an even sharper bite.

Cold Clarity - Lost Girl - Dyson/Kenzi + Bo - Kenzi had burrowed her way quickly into Dyson’s heart, leaving behind her own particular brand of sass, not to mention filling him up with warmth, loyalty and devotion. 

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I just wanted to give you a few band recommendations since I'm obsessed with some of the bands you mentioned and because I'm a huge music person in general.

Chevelle is one of my favorite bands, so I would recommend Taproot first of all (and everything they've put out). All of their albums vary, with the first being the heaviest, so from experience you might want to start with something lighter like Welcome, Blue Sky Research or Our Long Road Home. The Episodes isn't for everyone but is my favorite.

Cold is my next go to and I would start with 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage or the lighter A Different Kind of Pain. Next I will recommend A Perfect Circle (and if you like this band then maybe Ashes Divide), 10 Years (especially The Autumn Effect album), Filter (The Amalgamut album is their best but also the most metal), Trapt (self-titled is my favorite and a good starting point), Staind (I would start with Break the Cycle or even The Illusion of Progress for something lighter), Deftones (Koi No Yokan and Diamond Eyes are really good and I think good starting places), and maybe Sevendust (Black Out the Sun album).

While hopefully you haven't heard of all of those, if you have then you may not have heard of Revis, who only put one CD out (Places for Breathing) but are AMAZING. Armchair Cynics are just as indie as they are, but their small album Killing the Romance is awesome. Crossfade is another one that comes to mind if you like Chevelle, especially their self-titled album.

I'm also into European bands like you are, and if you like Within Temptation and Epica then hopefully you should like some of these: The Gathering (if_then_else, Home, Souvenirs), Tristania (Ashes) and Sirenia (An Elixir for Existence or The 13th Floor). Unsun's two albums The End of Life and Clinic for Dolls are also fantastic. Lacuna Coil (gothic metal for most of their albums, Comalies is my favorite) and Theatre of Tragedy (Storm and Musique) are my personal favorites. And before I forget, if you like Anneke from The Gathering then you should check out her vocal work in The Devin Townsend Project.
Some other band recommendations:

HIM kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance. The Razorblade Romance album is a great starting point, though they're essentially gothic romance music so they're not for everyone.

Matthew Good Band comes to mind as you brought up Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, but I wouldn't really compare them. This is a great Canadian band that is one of my favorite bands ever because of their upbeat, feel good music. I would probably start with Beautiful Midnight or Underdogs. Matthew Good also puts out some great solo albums, especially Avalanche, which is pretty indistinguishable from the stuff with his band.

Paradise Lost is one of my favorite bands and has worked in a wide variety of genres: gothic metal, doom metal, death metal and even alternative metal/rock. Their alternative metal/rock ones are highly addictive: Believe in Nothing and Symbol of Life for a little more metal. For gothic metal, then their self-titled album is a great starting point.

I really hope you haven't heard of some of these and that one calls out to you.

The Happiest of Holidays!
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Fandom Stocking - Vid Rec List [11 Videos] for Melody_Jade's stocking

I made a Vid Rec List for you for two of your requested fandoms: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The first set is The Originals and focuses on Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah, either on all three or on variations of the three. The second set centers on Stefan & Klaus or Stefan/Klaus.

Hope you enjoy these!

List beneath the cut... )
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Mick/Josef - Heartaches & Cityscapes

Accompanying Fic located HERE.

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Okay, so is it too stalkerish to say that I've been looking forward to Fandom Stocking all year, and have been editing my signup for a little over six months? Anyway, so excited to be participating for my second year! I had so much fun writing last year!

Here's my stocking for anyone at all to peruse...

AO3 Username: Taste_of_Suburbia

Fandoms: TV Series: Supernatural, Dark Angel, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Z Nation, Longmire, Penny Dreadful, Magnificent Seven (tv series), Moonlight, Heroes, Nurse Jackie, Vampire High, Poltergeist: The Legacy.

Films: Mission: Impossible (films), Resident Evil (films), Boondock Saints, Avengers (films), Suicide Squad (film), Man From Uncle (film), Anthropoid.

Books: Vampire Academy (books)/Bloodlines - Richelle Mead, Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr

'Ships (slash, het, and femslash):

Supernatural: Dean/anyone (Slash - especially Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Sam, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Benny, Dean/Cain). (Het - especially Dean/Bela, Dean/Ruby, Dean/Casey). Any femslash (especially Bela/Ruby, Bela/Sarah, Sarah/Ruby, Bela/Casey).

Dark Angel: Max/Logan, Ames/Alec, Alec/Logan, Alec/Normal

The Originals: Any (especially concerning Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Hayley)

The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Alaric, Damon/Enzo, Damon/Stefan, Damon/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Bonnie/Enzo, Bonnie/Damon, Nora/Mary Lou

Lost Girl: Dyson/Kenzi, Dyson/Bo, Bo/Kenzi, Kenzi/Tamsin, Bo/Tamsin, Bo/Lauren

Z Nation: Roberta/Cassandra, Murphy/Cassandra, Roberta/Garnet, Mack/Addy

Longmire: Vic/Walt, Branch/Cady, Vic/Branch, Cady/Vic, Branch/Walt, Cady/Henry

Penny Dreadful: Ethan/Vanessa, Ethan/Sembene, Ethan/Ferdinand, Ethan/Dorian, Vanessa/Mina

Magnificent Seven: Buck/JD, JD/Ezra

Moonlight: Mick/Josef

Heroes: Peter/Nathan

Nurse Jackie: Eddie/Coop

Vampire High: Marty/Merrill, Karl/Essie

Poltergeist: The Legacy: Nick/Derek, Nick/Philip, Nick/Julia, Nick/Rachel

Mission: Impossible: Ethan/Benji, Brandt/Benji

Resident Evil: Alice/Claire, Alice/Rain

Boondock Saints: Connor/Murphy

Avengers: Any, but I am a Tony girl :) (and harbor love for Steve, Natasha and Clint)

Suicide Squad: Harley/Joker, Harley/Deadshot, Rick/June, Rick/Deadshot, Harley/June

Man From Uncle: Napoleon/Ilya

Anthropoid: Josef/Jan, Josef/Lenka, Jan/Marie, Lenka/Marie

Vampire Academy/Bloodlines: Rose/Dimitri, Rose/Lissa, Sydney/Adrian, Eddie/Jill

Ink Exchange: Irial/Niall, Niall/Leslie

Characters: Dean Winchester. Crowley (SPN), Max Guevara, Elijah Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore, Enzo (VD), Kenzi Malikov, Dyson (Lost Girl), Buck Wilmington, JD Dunne, Benji Dunn, Tony Stark (Any) and Harley Quinn (Any).

In addition to all the characters in my ships, I love all the Magnificent Seven characters (tv series), Cordelia Chase (BtVS and Angel), Andrea (The Walking Dead), Beth Turner (Moonlight), Jake Jensen (The Losers), and Giuliano de' Medici (Da Vinci's Demons).

Fic Likes: Hurt/comfort (physical/emotional, torture/trauma, depression, abandonment/self-worth issues, self-harm, sickness, etc.). Angst, fluff, horror/dark fic. Romance (mutual pining, friends (or enemies) to lovers, slow burn, soul/grace bonding, courtship, three/moresomes). Bromance, families/found families, friendships, wing fic, team fic, case fic, curtain fic, cuddling and snuggling, bed sharing, trapped somewhere (elevator, freezer, haunted house/ship, etc.), on the run, road trips, villains being villains, villains to heroes, AUs (esp. serial killers, superheroes, apocalypse/post-apoc.), a/b/o dynamics, fuck or die, trust issues, daddy issues, banter/snarkiness, supernatural/fantasy creatures, mythology, blood/gore, violence, fire, mpreg, tentacles, (over)protective characters, badass characters, bi or pansexual characters, missing scenes and character studies.

Fic Dislikes: PWP, hurt w/o comfort, crack, de-age, kid fic, swaps (mind, body, gender, etc.), infidelity, crossovers, animal harm/death, and non-con between the main pairing.

Anything Extra: I love Fic, Art, Vids, Fanmixes and Recs. I would also appreciate reviews, art, or transformative work for any of my work on AO3 (Taste_of_Suburbia). Non-fandom related: Min Pins!, animals, music recs (esp. metal/rock but any genre), paranormal/fantasy teen/adult book recs, rain/snow/scenery porn, and cookie recipes. Any type of holiday greeting is welcomed.

Thank you so much for making something for me or commenting!


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So I received 12 lovely gifts for Fandom Stocking. 11 were posted in my stocking and an extra something was placed just on AO3. 



The Shape We're In - ariadnes_string - Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation - Ethan/Benji - "I've heard of team spirit," Benji says, but sharing each other' flashbacks, that's a bit much."

In this fic, Benji is sick and Ethan demands he stay in and take care of him. This leads to Ethan mother henning Benji and Ethan responding to Benji's own demands and genuine fluffyness all around. I don't want to give too much away, but believe me that this is flail/squee worthy material. 

So this fic was everything I hoped for and more. ariadnes_string wrote me a lovely Spy fic for Yuletide and once more they gifted me with an amazing fic in exactly the fandom and pairing I was craving. Seriously, this fic was my own desperate want this past year and they gave it to me! 


Count slowly from ten - fallencrest - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - Napoleon/Ilya - It's been a long day and not exactly a glorious successful one; so, of course, the elevator gets stuck between the twelfth and thirteenth floors.

In this drabble, Napoleon and Ilya get stuck in an elevator and, well, what happens in elevators hopefully will not stay solely in elevators. 

So I was really hoping for something in this fandom and also for that something to involve Napoleon/Ilya and I have received just that! These two cuties are just so perfect trapped in an elevator together. This has the perfect amount of angst and fluff and hurt/comfort and fallencrest has turned my 'trapped in elevator' prompt into something beautiful. 


It'll Be All Right - scribblemyname - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha - Promise me everything will be okay. 

In this drabble, Natasha gets a little bruised up on a mission and Clint looks after her. 

So this drabble really hit all my Clintasha feels, as well as my hurt/comfort needs too. And we all know that Clint is going to keep his promise. Also, check out the icons that scribblemyname made for me!


MCU - sharpest_asp - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha/Steve

In this drabble, Steve comes to Natasha to see if she'd like to do something with him and stumbles onto Natasha and Clint.

So this drabble was such a wonderful little surprise, I cannot tell you how much. Steve's point of view here is awesome and just wait until Clint speaks up. 



ART - Avengers - Tarlan (Tarlanx) - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha

Tarlan created some wonderful wallpapers in the Avengers fandom for Steve/Tony, Clint/Natasha, Tony/Loki and just Natasha. I was so ecstatic to receive some Clint/Natasha art and they created eight different pieces!


Strike Team Delta Icons for Livejournal - scribblemyname - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha

So these 7 icons really made my night last night when I found them, and they are really making my day too because I just cannot stop ogling them. scribblemyname was kind enough to write me a drabble and make me some gorgeous icons, aren't I just the luckiest girl?


Greetings from Star City... - falcon_horus - Arrow - Felicity/Oliver

falcon_horus gave me this absolutely gorgeous Olicity banner. The colors, the facial expressions, the poses, the way they're just absolutely glowing... seriously, you have got to see this for yourself. I am still completely blown away by it. 

Vid Recs

valarltd gave me four amazing vid recs. The Supernatural Ultimate Crack Vid is especially awesome. 

Other/Holiday Greetings

I also received some lovely holiday greetings from: lycomingst, jessalrynn, knowmefirst and twinsarein

Thank you to everyone who decided to grace my stocking with their loving creations. A wonderful, happy and healthy 2016 to all of you!
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I ended up creating 10 gifts for my first ever Fandom Stocking, 8 of which are fics and 2 of which are drabbles. I really wanted to stick to drabbles but I came across so many amazing prompts, and some of the requests even helped me branch out of the Supernatural fandom and write pairings that I thought I would never get up the guts to write. So really, I have to thank everyone I gifted 'cause I wrote some stuff I'm really proud of. 


Spineless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - Gabriel tends to be pretty shy about his wings. 

Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - He's still Dean, just a different Dean. 

Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela - The rain always drew Casey to people. The right people too. 

You Could Be Happy (With Me) - Heroes - Nathan/Peter - He had built up so much and now, standing on the other side of the door, none of it mattered anymore. 

Where You End and I Start to Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - With Josef it went past mere instinct, the animal in Mick was possessive but affectionate too, both he had to tamper down. Maybe it was the friendship between them, electrified to a thousand volts.

and we can still climb enough to save our souls - Bloodlines (Vampire Academy and Related Fandoms - Richelle Mead) - Sydney/Adrian + Rose/Dimitri - The horror would forever be at their backs, scarring their souls, but Adrian and Rose could move on with the love that healed what was left. 

There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You - Supernatural - Dean/Sam - Sam flipped back to the first page, adjusted the candle on the bedside table and started reading. (Also check out the translation into Russian by la_Distance)

Hide and Seek - Supernatural - Dean/Benny - He told himself he didn't need Benny's huge hands stroking over his back, the sharp scruff of Benny's chin against his cheek, the way Benny would carry him to bed if Dean was too tired to walk and would kiss him until he stopped feeling so self-conscious.

No. He didn't need any of those things, but he still went.  



All Yours - Supernatural - Sam/Dean - He found his brother at the full-length mirror, staring back at his reflection, fingers picking at the skin of his back. Sam could hardly hold back his excitement. 

Between the Seats - Supernatural - Dean/Impala - "You are trying to put me to sleep," he noted. 

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Just signed up for Fandom Stocking and I am so psyched!

On the downside, I have so many fandoms that at first I limited myself to 16, then let myself push to 19. I could have easily offered 20 more :(

Username: immolate_the_silence
AO3 Username:Taste_of_Suburbia

Fandoms: Supernatural, Vampire Academy/Bloodlines, Dark Angel, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Mission Impossible (movieverse), Z Nation, The Man From Uncle (movieverse), Arrow, Boondock Saints, Moonlight, Six Feet Under, NCIS, The Expendables, Resident Evil (movieverse), Nurse Jackie, MCU, Vampire High, Poltergeist: The Legacy
Supernatural: Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Sam, Dean/Benny, Dean/John, Dean/Ruby, Dean/Gabriel/Castiel, Dean/Gabriel/Sam/Castiel, Dean/Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer. Any femslash, especially Bela/Ruby and Bela/Sarah.
Vampire Academy/Bloodlines (books/film): Rose/Dimitri, Rose/Lissa, Sydney/Adrian
Dark Angel: Max/Logan, Ames/Alec, Alec/Normal, Alec/Logan
The Originals: Elijah/Hayley, Elijah/Klaus, Rebekah/Hayley, Klaus/Hayley, Elijah/Klaus/Rebekah/Hayley
The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Alaric, Damon/Enzo, Damon/Stefan, Damon/Elena, Damon/Elena/Alaric, Damon/Stefan/Elena
Mission Impossible: Ethan/Benji, Brandt/Benji, Ethan/Benji/Brandt
Z Nation: Mack/Addy, Warren/Garnet, Warren/Cassandra, Murphy/Cassandra
The Man From Uncle: Napoleon/Ilya, Napoleon/Ilya/Gaby
Arrow: Oliver/Felicity, Oliver/Slade, Oliver/Felicity/Diggle, Oliver/Slade/Shado, Oliver/Felicity/Slade
Boondock Saints: Connor/Murphy
Moonlight: Mick/Josef, Mick/Josef/Beth
Six Feet Under: David/Keith, Nate/Brenda, Claire/Ted, Claire/Edie
NCIS: Tony/Gibbs
The Expendables: Barney/Lee
Resident Evil: Alice/Claire, Alice/Claire/Chris
Nurse Jackie: Eddie/Coop
MCU: Clint/Coulson, Clint/Natasha, Clint/Steve, Clint/Tony, Clint/Bruce, Clint/Thor, Tony/Bruce, Steve/Natasha, Natasha/Bruce, Coulson/Clint/Natasha, Coulson/Clint/Steve, Clint/Steve/Natasha, Tony/Clint/Steve, Tony/Bruce/Clint
Vampire High: Marty/Merrill, Karl/Essie
Poltergeist: The Legacy: Nick/Derek, Nick/Philip, Nick/Julia, Nick/Rachel, Nick/Derek/Philip
Fic Likes: All the hurt/comfort in the world, fluff/angst, horror/dark fic, tragedy, slow burn, AUs, ambiguous endings, mutual pining, friends (or enemies) to lovers, soul/grace bonding, curtain fic, a/b/o dynamics, courtship, daddy issues, on the run, trapped in elevator, villains to heroes, hurting someone to save them, (post)apocalypse, undercover missions.
Fic Dislikes: PWP/excessive porn, crack, de-age and non-con (dub-con is fine).

Anything Extra: I love Fic, Art, Fanvids and Fanmixes. If you're not into fandom stuff, then Min Pins! I'm also searching for new music (especially metal/rock but any genre works), and paranormal/fantasy teen or adult books. And you can bribe me with Zoey Deutch stuff.

Thank you so much for making something for me or commenting.


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