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Fandom Stocking - Vid Rec List [11 Videos] for Melody_Jade's stocking

I made a Vid Rec List for you for two of your requested fandoms: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The first set is The Originals and focuses on Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah, either on all three or on variations of the three. The second set centers on Stefan & Klaus or Stefan/Klaus.

Hope you enjoy these!

Here's the first set for Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. I only found two Elijah and Rebekah ones despite your request, so I found some others to supplement. I also tried to find some videos with instrumental music but only sorta found one, though I did find some with voice overs. 

Title: Elijah & Rebekah | Gone Gone Gone
Vidder: ShatteredxDesires
Comments: This video is such a feel good one concerning Elijah and Rebekah, focusing on how protective they are and the lengths they will go to in order to keep each other safe. Even if it's from Klaus himself! If you're in the mood for some hugging look no further, and the shots of them gazing at each other will leave you going awww long after the video ends. This one also has beautiful voice overs and is set to Philip Philip's 'Gone, Gone, Gone.'

Title: rebekah + elijah | hey brother
Vidder: Claire Davis
Comments: This is a lovely little Rebekah and Elijah video that will make you tear up and feel good all at the same time. The devotion between these two is really put on display here: they protect each other and comfort each other and even marvel at one another, that's just how eternal their devotion is. Avicii's 'Hey Brother' beautifully fits their relationship, and it's got a perfect little ending too.

Title: Elijah|Klaus - Say it
Vidder: trianglewithline
Comments: Focusing on the often testy relationship between Elijah and Klaus, this video ultimately illustrates just how alike the two are and thus, just how deep their bond runs. This one is one of my favorites, especially as it's set to Blue October's 'Say It,' which kinda perfectly describes a huge aspect of the brothers' relationship. There are no voice overs and there is plenty of sibling rivalry (aka violence) ahead, but the video has awesome transitions, is a whole lotta fun and is well worth several viewings.

Title: Elijah, Rebekah & Klaus | there you'll be
Vidder: LittlemissyProdz
Comments: This vid gives you plenty of Mikaelson family FEELS, and illustrates beautifully both their unwillingness to abandon each other and their 'always and forever bond.' The video is Rebekah centered, has fitting voice overs and is set to Faith Hill's song 'There You'll Be,' which might as well be sung by Rebekah herself.

Title: The Originals - Klaus & Rebekah - I always loved you...
Vidder: widowcr
Comments: This is a really touching video displaying the eternal though sometimes also tragic bond between Klaus and Rebekah. It perfectly illustrates Klaus' often over-possessive and suffocating character, as well as Rebekah's endless struggle to break free of him until she realizes just how much they need each other. There are plenty of voice overs and the sorta instrumental music in the background really amps up the emotions.

Title: THE BEST OF: Klaus, Elijah & Rebekah | "Are You Suggesting that I Throw a Party?"
Vidder: GoldxNoir
Comments: This video is super fun, funny and adorable, and features some of Klaus,' Elijah's and Rebekah's best lines (aka snark). What's great about this one is that it illustrates the frustrations the Mikaelson siblings sometimes (okay, most of the time) have with each other and with others. The upbeat music in the background is sorta catchy and the vidder's comments are cute, but it's the dialogue that really makes you love the video and the show overall.

Here's the second set for Klaus/Stefan, and thank you for getting me into a new pairing! I tried to find some more explicit ones for your hate sex prompt, but unfortunately there's just not that many Klefan vids out there.

Title: Klefan || Come on closer 18+ (slash)...
Author: Kat Me
Comments: This video may not quite fulfill your Klefan hate sex request, but it's hopefully sexy and delicious enough to make you forget all about that. The video is set perfectly to Jem's 'Come on Closer' and will leave you simultaneously sated and begging for more. It is unfortunately short, but totally worth it, and oh... did I mention the eye-sex and sexy smiles?

Title: You Were Meant for Me; Klaus&Stefan
Vidder: JJdahling333
Comments: Described as 20s Stefan and Klaus set to 20s music, this concept may sound odd at first but the result is a completely mesmerizing and adorable video that is also amazingly well-done. The song is Harold Scrappy Lambert's 'You Were Meant For Me,' and somehow it fits these two cuties too well.

Title: Girlfriend - Klaus/Stefan | The Vampire Diaries
Vidder: Janny Mikaelson
Comments: If you like jealous Klaus (and who doesn't?), then this video is for you. There's gratuitous jealous and overprotective Klaus, constantly ripping women away from Stefan, even Damon!, not to mention more eye-sex than can be handled in one serving. Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend' fits this video and these two really nicely and even quite hilariously at times, especially as it's told from Klaus' point of view. Need some Klaus repeatedly saying: 'I don't like your girlfriend, I think you need a new one'? Well, I know I do. Plus, Stefan seems to be doing plenty of pining on his own. 

Title: Klefan - Ships In The Night
Author: hupsu
Comments: This is another short one but it's definitely worth the quick watch. Set to Mat Kearney's 'Ships in the Night,' this video manages to be touching and haunting, in a sense, and somehow manages to come across as both angsty and kinda fluffy too. The transitions are good but also fast, making this one worth a few re-watches.

Title: If you were gay//Stefan&Klaus[CRACK!VID]
Vidder: xnothingbutlove
Comments: I was undecided whether to rec this but then decided to go for it. While I'm not much one for crackvids, I found this video to be highly funny, adorable and overall entertaining, especially with Klaus' facial expressions! Klaus has got it bad for Stefan... and Stefan maybe knows. 

Happy Holidays, melody_jade!
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