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So very recently I was gifted a fic in randi2204's absolutely spectacular Mag7 Rockstar!AU, after giving her some prompts for Mag7 Daybook's holiday season, and of course I absolutely have to share it here.

First of all, you should check out the awesome fic that spurred me on to give her some prompts and to dip my toes a little into the AU with my Chris/Ezra drabble for her. The fic takes place on Mary's 'Good Good Morning' show as she interviews the boys and how they came together as a rock band. It's just so charming and real and the boys are so lovely here and it's worth like a hundred reads.

Good Good Morning! - AO3 or dreamwidth

And here's the fic that was so unexpectedly and sweetly gifted to me after I gave her a prompt that bit me and wouldn't let go. This one centers around JD's beloved guitar getting broken and Buck doing something so unexpected and heartfelt and this one just has all the FEELS: angsty and happy. Go read!

The Angels Had Guitars - AO3 or dreamwidth

Here's to many more fics in this wonderful AU!

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I was so happy to find all the cookie recipes in my stocking this year. I was on a real cookie binge through the month of December (and still am), so imagine my surprise when I open my stocking and find such a beautiful array of cookie recipes.

Moving on...

I also received some super cute animal pics and vids; being an animal lover, these little additions really cheered me up too. In addition, a New Zealand band recommendation (and metal to boot!), some much-needed and exciting sounding YA fantasy book recommendations, and some lovely holiday greetings.

Now down to the fic.


Missing Persons - tarlanx (tarlan) - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - Mick had started to move on but an unusual case shared with Josef showed him a new path to follow, with Josef by his side.

In this fic, Mick and Josef get away from the hustle and bustle of LA and work together on a case that reeks of Greek mythology. There's protective Josef and Mick pouncing on the idea that he and Josef could have a happy little existence together... and what more do you need? I was so happy to receive Mick/Josef in my stocking this year and tarlan was just the perfect person to gift it to me.

Domestication - katiemariie - Penny Dreadful - Ethan/Sembene - An old Harry Potter fandom trope applied to the end of season 2: even when trapped together on a full moon, a werewolf will not kill its mate. Or, you know, the guy he likes.

In this fic, Ethan wolfs out like he did in the episode, but unlike in canon doesn't kill Sembene. This is really the perfect fix-it fic for these two, and it was secretly one of the requests pairings I wanted most because I miss these two SO MUCH. Ethan and Sembene are just so beautiful and caring and touching in this fic and it's like the perfect catharsis after that episode. And, to boot, it's in Sembene's lovely point of view. 

I told you so - angelus2hot - Vampire Diaries - Damon/Alaric

In this drabble, Damon comes back hurt due to an ambush and Alaric is waiting for him, though figures it might not be too nice if he tells Damon 'I told you so,' at least in that particular moment. The 'rush into things without thinking' Damon that we all know and love is featured here, though at least he has Alaric to come back home to. I just love this little drabble to pieces.


Beth Turner - falcon_horus - Moonlight

falcon_horus gifted me again this year with a lovely 'Happy New Year!' Beth Turner piece. I'm still hung up over the show Moonlight and Beth is still one of my much beloved favorite characters, and WOW is she radiant here. I still can't get over how beautiful the piece (and she) is.

Recs & Other

Thank you to schlitzie_ramone for the band rec! And thank you to dunderklumpen for the animal vids and pics. Also thank you so much to cookiegirl for the YA fantasy book recs and for sharing with me a wonderful fanmix she had previously made (it's about Trick from Lost Girl and is so awesome, so go check it out).

Cookie Recipes

Thank you so much to bonnefois, highlander_ii, roeskva, ladyoneill and spiralicious for the cookie recipes!

Other Holiday Greetings

I also received some lovely holiday greetings from: valarltd, knowmefirst (who gave me a lovely image of vintage pocket watches), and twinsarein (whose little frog animation is just so damn cute).

Thank you to everyone who decided to grace my stocking with their lovely creations. A wonderful, happy and healthy 2017 to all of you!
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 Go check out the wonderful Debriel art kuwlshadow made for me for spnspringfling. It is simply too precious for words :D
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So I received 12 lovely gifts for Fandom Stocking. 11 were posted in my stocking and an extra something was placed just on AO3. 



The Shape We're In - ariadnes_string - Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation - Ethan/Benji - "I've heard of team spirit," Benji says, but sharing each other' flashbacks, that's a bit much."

In this fic, Benji is sick and Ethan demands he stay in and take care of him. This leads to Ethan mother henning Benji and Ethan responding to Benji's own demands and genuine fluffyness all around. I don't want to give too much away, but believe me that this is flail/squee worthy material. 

So this fic was everything I hoped for and more. ariadnes_string wrote me a lovely Spy fic for Yuletide and once more they gifted me with an amazing fic in exactly the fandom and pairing I was craving. Seriously, this fic was my own desperate want this past year and they gave it to me! 


Count slowly from ten - fallencrest - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - Napoleon/Ilya - It's been a long day and not exactly a glorious successful one; so, of course, the elevator gets stuck between the twelfth and thirteenth floors.

In this drabble, Napoleon and Ilya get stuck in an elevator and, well, what happens in elevators hopefully will not stay solely in elevators. 

So I was really hoping for something in this fandom and also for that something to involve Napoleon/Ilya and I have received just that! These two cuties are just so perfect trapped in an elevator together. This has the perfect amount of angst and fluff and hurt/comfort and fallencrest has turned my 'trapped in elevator' prompt into something beautiful. 


It'll Be All Right - scribblemyname - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha - Promise me everything will be okay. 

In this drabble, Natasha gets a little bruised up on a mission and Clint looks after her. 

So this drabble really hit all my Clintasha feels, as well as my hurt/comfort needs too. And we all know that Clint is going to keep his promise. Also, check out the icons that scribblemyname made for me!


MCU - sharpest_asp - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha/Steve

In this drabble, Steve comes to Natasha to see if she'd like to do something with him and stumbles onto Natasha and Clint.

So this drabble was such a wonderful little surprise, I cannot tell you how much. Steve's point of view here is awesome and just wait until Clint speaks up. 



ART - Avengers - Tarlan (Tarlanx) - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha

Tarlan created some wonderful wallpapers in the Avengers fandom for Steve/Tony, Clint/Natasha, Tony/Loki and just Natasha. I was so ecstatic to receive some Clint/Natasha art and they created eight different pieces!


Strike Team Delta Icons for Livejournal - scribblemyname - The Avengers - Clint/Natasha

So these 7 icons really made my night last night when I found them, and they are really making my day too because I just cannot stop ogling them. scribblemyname was kind enough to write me a drabble and make me some gorgeous icons, aren't I just the luckiest girl?


Greetings from Star City... - falcon_horus - Arrow - Felicity/Oliver

falcon_horus gave me this absolutely gorgeous Olicity banner. The colors, the facial expressions, the poses, the way they're just absolutely glowing... seriously, you have got to see this for yourself. I am still completely blown away by it. 

Vid Recs

valarltd gave me four amazing vid recs. The Supernatural Ultimate Crack Vid is especially awesome. 

Other/Holiday Greetings

I also received some lovely holiday greetings from: lycomingst, jessalrynn, knowmefirst and twinsarein

Thank you to everyone who decided to grace my stocking with their loving creations. A wonderful, happy and healthy 2016 to all of you!


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