Jan. 7th, 2025

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Thank you for visiting and welcome!

My fan fiction can be found over at AO3 (I'm Taste_of_Suburbia). Maybe you already know me *waves*

The vast majority of my writing concerns SLASH, though I also write FEMSLASH, HET and am trying to write more GEN. I'm big into romance and even bigger into HURT/COMFORT, angst and fluff. I am a proud multi-shipper (especially rare ships), and I literally have way too many ships to list here. So you will see a wide array of fandoms, characters and pairings. I am HUGE into fandom and my life is pretty much geeking out over it at every possible moment.

I hang out on DW mainly around the holidays (holidays comms and such), though my goal is to spend more time on here, so please feel free to add me to your circle/friend me and I will surely friend you back. If you've here 'cause you're looking for something to read, then thank you for visiting! Every kudos, bookmark and comment on AO3 or anywhere else is greatly appreciated.

Also, I'm a pretty lonely person, so if you ever want to drop a note then I'm always around :)

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