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Hi! I'm Irma and just a girl who loves to read, write and watch copious amounts of tv series/films. I'm a huge music person and my life pretty much revolves around it. And my life revolves a lot around fandom too :)

Brief Bio - Age: 22, Zodiac Sign: Aries, Color: Orange, Concentration: Ancient History
Book: Anna Karenina, Book Series: Richelle Mead's Bloodlines, TV Series: Supernatural, Film: Reservoir Dogs, Music: Metal, Band: Lacuna Coil, Song: Paradise Lost's Mouth, Food: French Fries!

I mainly write fan fiction, and in a wide range of fandoms, though my main ones (aka favorite shows) are: Supernatural, Dark Angel, The Magnificent Seven (tv series), Lost Girl, Moonlight, Vampire Diaries/Originals, Z Nation and Vampire High.

Most of my writing is SPN, and most of my SPN writing concerns my OTP Debriel (Dean/Gabriel); I write so much on these two I swear, it must be an unhealthy obsession. Most of my ships involve Dean Winchester, just because I'm a total Dean girl and ship him with pretty much everyone. I am a proud multi-shipper, however, and have far too many ships to list here.

I am a huge hurt/comfort girl, which is probably all too apparent in my writing. Other than that, I mainly write romance, angst and fluff. Regarding romance, I'm big into slash mainly, though also write femslash and het. And I've also been seen to stray into Gen.

I'm not on dreamwidth much and when I am I'm usually stalking the Fandom Stocking comm or, currently, the Mag7 Daybook comm. So really just the holiday season, but I hope to change that a bit this year.

Other Sites: ~ This is the best option. All my more recent and good writing is here. ~ OpheliacAngel ~ All my fanfiction work is here, including my early and somewhat not so good stuff.
Livejournal ~ Ivory_Angel99 ~ charla8897 ~ A lot of my writing. Not on here much anymore. ~ GorgeousBlueSilver ~ Material that isn't fan fiction, mainly poetry/songs. Not on here much anymore.

I'm a very friendly person, so come say hello and talk fandom with me! (Or obsess/cry over Mag7 with me...)
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