Jan. 15th, 2017

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I just wanted to give you a few band recommendations since I'm obsessed with some of the bands you mentioned and because I'm a huge music person in general.

Chevelle is one of my favorite bands, so I would recommend Taproot first of all (and everything they've put out). All of their albums vary, with the first being the heaviest, so from experience you might want to start with something lighter like Welcome, Blue Sky Research or Our Long Road Home. The Episodes isn't for everyone but is my favorite.

Cold is my next go to and I would start with 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage or the lighter A Different Kind of Pain. Next I will recommend A Perfect Circle (and if you like this band then maybe Ashes Divide), 10 Years (especially The Autumn Effect album), Filter (The Amalgamut album is their best but also the most metal), Trapt (self-titled is my favorite and a good starting point), Staind (I would start with Break the Cycle or even The Illusion of Progress for something lighter), Deftones (Koi No Yokan and Diamond Eyes are really good and I think good starting places), and maybe Sevendust (Black Out the Sun album).

While hopefully you haven't heard of all of those, if you have then you may not have heard of Revis, who only put one CD out (Places for Breathing) but are AMAZING. Armchair Cynics are just as indie as they are, but their small album Killing the Romance is awesome. Crossfade is another one that comes to mind if you like Chevelle, especially their self-titled album.

I'm also into European bands like you are, and if you like Within Temptation and Epica then hopefully you should like some of these: The Gathering (if_then_else, Home, Souvenirs), Tristania (Ashes) and Sirenia (An Elixir for Existence or The 13th Floor). Unsun's two albums The End of Life and Clinic for Dolls are also fantastic. Lacuna Coil (gothic metal for most of their albums, Comalies is my favorite) and Theatre of Tragedy (Storm and Musique) are my personal favorites. And before I forget, if you like Anneke from The Gathering then you should check out her vocal work in The Devin Townsend Project.
Some other band recommendations:

HIM kinda reminds me of My Chemical Romance. The Razorblade Romance album is a great starting point, though they're essentially gothic romance music so they're not for everyone.

Matthew Good Band comes to mind as you brought up Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, but I wouldn't really compare them. This is a great Canadian band that is one of my favorite bands ever because of their upbeat, feel good music. I would probably start with Beautiful Midnight or Underdogs. Matthew Good also puts out some great solo albums, especially Avalanche, which is pretty indistinguishable from the stuff with his band.

Paradise Lost is one of my favorite bands and has worked in a wide variety of genres: gothic metal, doom metal, death metal and even alternative metal/rock. Their alternative metal/rock ones are highly addictive: Believe in Nothing and Symbol of Life for a little more metal. For gothic metal, then their self-titled album is a great starting point.

I really hope you haven't heard of some of these and that one calls out to you.

The Happiest of Holidays!


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