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Part 1 of 2 - Fic ('cause apparently the post or the tag list or something is too large :(

I ended up stuffing 17 stockings for my second year at Fandom Stocking: 10 fics, 4 drabbles, 1 vid rec list, 1 music rec list, and 1 stocking that received both 1 fic and 1 piece of art.

Just like the year prior, it was difficult for me to stick to just drabbles, though I had loads of fun writing everything and even creating the vid rec list. I was able to branch out of my usual SPN fandom again (only 3/13 were SPN), which made me so happy. I was able to write in 4 other fandoms I have written for in previous years (Moonlight, Dark Angel, Z Nation and Hunger Games), and wrote for 5 new fandoms this year (Fantastic Beasts, DC Super Hero Girls, The Magicians, Lost Girl and Mag 7). I was especially ecstatic to write in the Mag 7 fandom (I just found this series this past summer and it has taken over my life).

Speaking of, my Mag 7 stocking stuffers for Mag7 Daybook are HERE.

Again, like last year, I'll thank those I've gifted for allowing me to write what I've written. It was the best Holiday season yet.


Sweet Serenity - Fantastic Beasts - Jacob/Queenie - Queenie would no sooner leave her heart behind than she would Jacob. Damn MACUSA’s rules.

Mutual Madness - DC Super Hero Girls - Diana/Harley + Kara/Barbara - Diana gets a taste of the madness within.

Better than Memory Foam - Supernatural - Dean/Crowley/Cas – An angel and a demon in his room, like it was a perfectly normal day.

A Visit Filled with Promise - Fantastic Beasts - Newt/Jacob - The Atlantic Ocean may have separated them, but Jacob Kowalski had never been far from Newt’s cluttered head.

The Wedding Video - Lost Girl - Bo/Tamsin + Kenzi, Dyson, Trick – Someone had to document the happiest day of Bo Bo’s life.

Five Times Crowley Offered His Services, And One Time Dean (Willingly) Accepted - Supernatural - Crowley/Dean - Dean can’t escape Crowley so easily, and it’s probably good that he can’t.

Hangover Remedies - Magnificent Seven - Vin/Chris - Somehow Vin wandered into someone else’s room last night.

Swept into Four Corners - The Originals/Magnificent Seven - Elijah, Klaus + Vin/Chris - Elijah Mikaelson is a renowned bounty hunter searching for his brother Klaus. Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner are just trying to fill up a free afternoon with whiskey.

Firecracker - Hunger Games - Haymitch/Johanna - The first time Haymitch met Johanna she was all sharp, unforgiving eyes and an even sharper bite.

Cold Clarity - Lost Girl - Dyson/Kenzi + Bo - Kenzi had burrowed her way quickly into Dyson’s heart, leaving behind her own particular brand of sass, not to mention filling him up with warmth, loyalty and devotion. 


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