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So because I achieved a Blackout in hurt/comfort bingo this year despite this being one of the most stressful years of my life, I just had to share it here in addition to on livejournal.

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And my Bingo Card is HERE.

Author: Ivory_Angel99
Fandoms: Supernatural, Magnificent Seven, Dark Angel, DC Super Hero Girls, Suicide Squad, Z Nation, Lost Girl, Moonlight, Vampire High, From Paris With Love, Underworld
H/C: Loss of Possessions, Body Image Issues, Sacrifice, Lost Childhood, Forced to Hurt Somebody, Hospital Stay, Pneumonia, Tentacles, Taking Care of Somebody, Alien Abduction, Head Trauma, Shipwrecked, WILD CARD (Blood Loss), Comfort Food or Item/Feeding Someone, Atonement, Headaches/Migraines, Electrocution, Apocalypse, Fire, Drugged, Hypoglycemia/Low Blood Sugar, Pandemics and Epidemics, Unconsciousness, Fighting, Arrest

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So I should probably update my movie and tv life. 

I binge watched Season 1 of Sons of Anarchy, and by that I mean really binge watched (as in 13 episodes in 3 days), but it's probably because this weekend was busy with homework and stuff. I seriously loved it. I've been wanting to watch the series for years now and my mom finally beat me to it and kicked my ass into gear once she finished all the seasons. I really love pretty much all the characters but am partial to: Gemma, Tig and Otto (Kurt Sutter is awesome, okay?).

And seriously, the bromance and chemistry between Tig and Clay is epic! 

I've been rewatching bits and pieces of The Walking Dead Season 5 and am still thoroughly impressed. I still find it so amazing that one of the best tv series ever created revolves around a zombie apocalypse... finally. But I am also really disappointed that there are not more zombie movies out there. 

As far as movies go, I've been pretty disappointed lately. The Last Witch Hunter was so disappointing considering how much I was looking forward to it, it just felt generic and boring and the more I keep thinking about it the more pissed I am.

Our Brand is Crisis was a lot better, I liked all the people/book quotes and Sandra Bullock was great, but it wasn't amazing or anything. It still felt a bit like something I've already seen before. The end definitely stayed with me though: getting off the carousel. 

Inevitable Spoilers below. 

Can I geek out over Resident Evil now? Permission?

I rewatched Resident Evil (the first one) because whenever I don't know what to watch I always go to my Resident Evil's, and was so relieved to still find it fresh, exciting and funny (that kick to the zombie doberman's head was hilarious and awesome, because killing zombie dobermans is a-okay). The acting is still believable and I love how Alice grows into herself (she seems much harsher in Apocalypse, though maybe because the events of the first film made her bitter, with Matt and all). I also love the creepiness of the film (I still think that zombies will not show up even though they inevitably will), the Red Queen (who I always expect to be annoying but never is with her 'you're all going to die down here,' and even the small details like Spence offering Alice his leather jacket :)    

Also, can I still ship Spence/Alice even though Spence is evil and there is still some memory loss? 'Cause James Purefoy is hotness... okay? (And what is it with me and het lately?). Video not mine btw.  

Still spoilers, people. 
Also am rewatching Vampire High episodes out of order (hopefully you can still find them on Youtube). 
Odd Man Out was nicely Marty-centered, with trying to make Essie fall in love with him (aww... poor neglected Marty) and Essie's serious jealousy issues and the dancing!
Both Sides Now is one of my favorites (love love love Merrill - and Marty too), and for some reason I totally forgot that doppelganger (though kinda not doppelganger) Merrill/Marty kiss (how could I? - biggest Merrill/Marty shipper). Okay, that kiss was seriously hot. And trying to deny all that hidden love for Marty in front of Professor Murdoch... Merrill, how could you? Plus, Murdoch totally knows. Video is also not mine. 

Next on the list: Sons of Anarchy Season 2, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Sicario, Spotlight, Creed

Shipping status: Tig/Clay, Spence/Alice, Merrill/Marty


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