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Debriel 02

I have been given permission to run Debriel Mini Bang again this year!

Anyone interested in participating in some Dean/Gabriel goodness of the fic and art variety, then please head on over 

If you'd rather stalk the comm then participate, then please spread the word. Here are some banners that you're free to use to promote. And of course, you can always make your own banners, icons, what have you :)

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So I've decided to make a list of some of my favorite writing material of 2015. In the below lists I have drabbles, fic and stories that are either my favorites or that I am most proud of, or usually both. 

Favorite Drabbles: 
All the Pieces Don't Fall into Place - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
You've Got a Way of Watching the World Divide - Supernatural - Sarah/Bela
Cure My World - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
Some of Your Power - Supernatural - Sarah/Ruby
There Are All Your Intentions Drained Dry - Vampire High - Merrill/Sherry
Favorite Short Fics: 
Our Fated Endeavors - Poltergeist: The Legacy - Nick/Derek
A Winchester's Guide to True Feelings - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
On the Table, Under the Knife - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Be Gentle, Sammy - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela
Where You End and I Start To Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef
Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
The Steady Crushing of the Soul - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Hope You Got a Minute, Hope You Want Me In It - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Favorite Long Fics: 
If I Could Run Far or Fast Enough - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
One Blink and Then You're Gone - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
We're Only Bleeding - Vampire High - Marty/Merrill
Most Favorite: The Skin Job - From Paris With Love - Reece/Wax
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 Go check out the wonderful Debriel art kuwlshadow made for me for spnspringfling. It is simply too precious for words :D
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I ended up creating 10 gifts for my first ever Fandom Stocking, 8 of which are fics and 2 of which are drabbles. I really wanted to stick to drabbles but I came across so many amazing prompts, and some of the requests even helped me branch out of the Supernatural fandom and write pairings that I thought I would never get up the guts to write. So really, I have to thank everyone I gifted 'cause I wrote some stuff I'm really proud of. 


Spineless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - Gabriel tends to be pretty shy about his wings. 

Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - He's still Dean, just a different Dean. 

Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela - The rain always drew Casey to people. The right people too. 

You Could Be Happy (With Me) - Heroes - Nathan/Peter - He had built up so much and now, standing on the other side of the door, none of it mattered anymore. 

Where You End and I Start to Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - With Josef it went past mere instinct, the animal in Mick was possessive but affectionate too, both he had to tamper down. Maybe it was the friendship between them, electrified to a thousand volts.

and we can still climb enough to save our souls - Bloodlines (Vampire Academy and Related Fandoms - Richelle Mead) - Sydney/Adrian + Rose/Dimitri - The horror would forever be at their backs, scarring their souls, but Adrian and Rose could move on with the love that healed what was left. 

There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You - Supernatural - Dean/Sam - Sam flipped back to the first page, adjusted the candle on the bedside table and started reading. (Also check out the translation into Russian by la_Distance)

Hide and Seek - Supernatural - Dean/Benny - He told himself he didn't need Benny's huge hands stroking over his back, the sharp scruff of Benny's chin against his cheek, the way Benny would carry him to bed if Dean was too tired to walk and would kiss him until he stopped feeling so self-conscious.

No. He didn't need any of those things, but he still went.  



All Yours - Supernatural - Sam/Dean - He found his brother at the full-length mirror, staring back at his reflection, fingers picking at the skin of his back. Sam could hardly hold back his excitement. 

Between the Seats - Supernatural - Dean/Impala - "You are trying to put me to sleep," he noted. 

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Title: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Author: OpheliacAngel

Pairings & Characters: Gabriel/Dean Winchester/Castiel

Genre: Romance/Family/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Explicit (Sexual Content and Language)

Summary: Gabriel has had it with Dean’s problems and Castiel’s complete acceptance of them.

A/N: Written for jmtorres for Holly Poly Fest 2013 for the prompt: ‘Dean and Castiel are being stupid about acknowledging feelings. Gabriel uses the porn set to help them. And the mustache. Definitely the mustache.’ Not sure this was exactly what you wanted, but I really tried and I hope you like it anyway. This is my first attempt at writing porn, so hopefully it’s not too terrible. Title comes from The Smiths song of the same time.


Gabriel’s currently kicked back on the couch, feet up on the coffee table and chowing down on a Babe Ruth as he watches the scene on the screen before him in amusement. Dr. Sexy reruns put him in a good mood and make him feel slightly less guilty about not going along with Dean and Cas on the hunt. It’s not that he doesn’t like hunting, it just tends to be boring and a complete waste of his time.

He vaguely hears the door open, but doesn’t pay much attention to it at first. He only starts listening when he hears the voices grow louder, and he’s about to tell the two idiots to shut up, but then he actually starts hearing what they’re saying.

“Lay off, Cas.”

“No, Dean. I will not lay off, as you say, when you act as if everything is alright when it clearly is not.”


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Okay, so I lied, I'm just gonna post my most recent work on here, just to give anybody who happens to find this a taste of my writing. Like I've said elsewhere, I write so much more than this, so check out my first post or profile for the links to find my other material. Anyway, enjoy :)

Title: Appreciation
Author: OpheliacAngel
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel
Genre: Romance/Family/Friendship
Rating: Teen
Summary: ‘Would you like to know the difference between archangels and angels, Dean?’ Gabriel shows a side of himself to Dean that the hunter never would have expected. No spoilers, set during no specific season.
A/N: Okay, so this came out of nowhere and it has taken me forever, for some reason, to upload. It’s fluffy though and very special to me, so I’m happy I’m finally getting up the guts to share.
Soundtrack: Deftones’ ‘Leathers’

~Shed your casing
Show your lines and shapes
Wear your insides
On the outside~

Gabriel’s eyes are thoughtful, displaying a certain unbreakable fondness as they roam over all that Dean Winchester is: his hardened though still miraculously soft hands, his shy though altogether beautifully bright smile that makes the archangel wish to give him anything and everything he desires, hazel eyes that sparkle with promise even in the darkest of moments, as well as a soul vivid enough to make even him stand still, left surprisingly in awe and wonderment and a permanence that fills Gabriel’s head for days later.

“Would you like to know the difference between archangels and angels, Dean?”

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