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So here is a list of the stockings I've stuffed for the Mag7 Daybook holiday season. 6/6 Stockings! Excluding myself of course (though I am saving the Wild Card prompt on my hurt/comfort bingo card for that *smiles indulgently*). So I totally met my goal! And let me just say, I had a blast :)

Farad's Stocking - Drinking Buddies - Chris/Vin - OW
“You thinkin’ ‘bout whiskey again?”
Chris’ thoughts, however, were elsewhere.  

warqueenfuriosa's Stocking - so my soul's not left so hollow - Chris/Ezra + Vin - OW
Words were flung, punches thrown, yet that hollow feeling in the pit of Chris’ stomach at the haunted look in Ezra’s eyes… that was what nearly killed him. 

boogieshoes' Stocking - Strawberries & Cream (aka The Power of Love) - Chris/Buck + JD - ATF
Lucky for Buck, Chris didn’t forget the whipped cream or the strawberries.  

solosundance's Stocking - Entirely At Your Command - Chris/Ezra + Vin - OW
Chris had a whole long list of obsessions he’d never breathe a word of to anyone. Except… well, judging by the look on someone’s face, the object of his affections might already know and there wasn’t a damn thing Chris could do about it. 

randi2204's Stocking - Concussed - Chris/Ezra - Randi's Rockstar!AU
Ezra’s cranky as he nurses his concussion, but Chris will take him any way he can have him.
7 Rockstar!AU prompts:

1) Vin has writer's block and [insert other character here] helps him find his inspiration again.
2) Behind the Scenes footage from the Music Video gets leaked online.
3) Chris & Ezra come out as a couple and wind up on Good Good Morning with Mary again ('cause she totally supports aka 'ships' them!).
4) JD's guitar is smashed somehow (accident, intentionally, etc.) and Buck tries to cheer him up and/or does something about it.
5) Going on tour and being in such close quarters can wear on the boys sometimes.
6) There's an interesting story behind Josiah's sitar that only he and Nathan know, but Nathan definitely isn't telling. Unless....
7) Ezra tries his hand at singing, much to Buck's annoyance and/or anger, but at least Chris and Vin are cheering him on!

Deannie's Stocking - Big Brothers & Little Brothers - Buck & JD Gen + Ezra, Nathan - OW
Winter Fever has swept into Four Corners and despite Buck’s best efforts, the youngest of the seven has fallen prey to it.

Extra Goodies in the General Fandom Stocking

Oh, Christmas Tree -  All 7 Gen - OW
A Christmas without JD may break them, yet a Christmas tradition might just bring them together again. 

and my weak heart is swimming with devotion - Ezra/JD + All 7 - OW
Ezra loses his favored jacket, and he almost loses something else too.
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So I've decided to make a list of some of my favorite writing material of 2015. In the below lists I have drabbles, fic and stories that are either my favorites or that I am most proud of, or usually both. 

Favorite Drabbles: 
All the Pieces Don't Fall into Place - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
You've Got a Way of Watching the World Divide - Supernatural - Sarah/Bela
Cure My World - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
Some of Your Power - Supernatural - Sarah/Ruby
There Are All Your Intentions Drained Dry - Vampire High - Merrill/Sherry
Favorite Short Fics: 
Our Fated Endeavors - Poltergeist: The Legacy - Nick/Derek
A Winchester's Guide to True Feelings - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
On the Table, Under the Knife - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Be Gentle, Sammy - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela
Where You End and I Start To Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef
Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
The Steady Crushing of the Soul - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Hope You Got a Minute, Hope You Want Me In It - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Favorite Long Fics: 
If I Could Run Far or Fast Enough - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
One Blink and Then You're Gone - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
We're Only Bleeding - Vampire High - Marty/Merrill
Most Favorite: The Skin Job - From Paris With Love - Reece/Wax
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So my writing life has sucked recently; I don't think I've ever been happy with it actually. I've been thinking about quitting for a long while now and more and more I just want to go through with it. Or at least write one or two things a year. Guess I'll just see what comes of it. 
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So writing's been slow going lately. Music usually inspires me if I need a pick-me-up, but no luck no matter how much I push. I'm trying to continue with my Gabriel Big Bang but am just not feeling it. I'm even slowing down on femslashficlets and can't get any ideas for my rare pair bingo card or h/c_bingo for the amnesty period, even though I'm long overdue for Dean/Lucifer, Alice/Claire and even Dean/Gabriel. 

Update: Long overdue Ducifer here.

I can't get any ideas period

My movie and tv life has been just as uneventful. No movies, but I did watch Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (and Season 2, which I don't think I posted yet). Season 2 is my favorite season so far. I wasn't really able to get into the Irish/IRA stuff in Season 3, despite wanting to, and I really expected more beautiful Irish scenery than was given. I really love watching Tara evolve as a character and Tig got some more screen time, which was awesome. I'm also watching The Middle on and off and am about to start Season 2. And I finished Season 1 of iZombie and ended up loving it, so looks like I'm definitely moving on to Season 2.

Up Next: Z Nation Season 2

Music post next. 
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So my assignment for spnspringfling was a bitch to write but it felt like a nice challenge and it came out pretty good. 

Happy and going to bed. 
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So I kept on submitting paragraphs of the same work and I kept on coming up with the same badge.
Awesomeness :)

My Badge
I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

I Write LikeAnalyze your writing!


Feb. 7th, 2016 12:00 am
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I'm almost 8000 words in on my h/c_bingo card for the February Amnesty Challenge!

Can't believe I'm writing Ames/Alec (which I wrote last year), but oh well. So much FEELS with these two I can't even handle it. Seriously, the writing just flows from my fingers like nothing else. All the emotions and the pain and the angst. 

And GAH, the prompts: taking care of somebody, fever/delirium, deadline/time bomb and the wonderful Wild Card. 

Loving my writing life right now. 

Edit: 26000 words and done!

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I ended up creating 10 gifts for my first ever Fandom Stocking, 8 of which are fics and 2 of which are drabbles. I really wanted to stick to drabbles but I came across so many amazing prompts, and some of the requests even helped me branch out of the Supernatural fandom and write pairings that I thought I would never get up the guts to write. So really, I have to thank everyone I gifted 'cause I wrote some stuff I'm really proud of. 


Spineless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - Gabriel tends to be pretty shy about his wings. 

Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel - He's still Dean, just a different Dean. 

Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela - The rain always drew Casey to people. The right people too. 

You Could Be Happy (With Me) - Heroes - Nathan/Peter - He had built up so much and now, standing on the other side of the door, none of it mattered anymore. 

Where You End and I Start to Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef - With Josef it went past mere instinct, the animal in Mick was possessive but affectionate too, both he had to tamper down. Maybe it was the friendship between them, electrified to a thousand volts.

and we can still climb enough to save our souls - Bloodlines (Vampire Academy and Related Fandoms - Richelle Mead) - Sydney/Adrian + Rose/Dimitri - The horror would forever be at their backs, scarring their souls, but Adrian and Rose could move on with the love that healed what was left. 

There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You - Supernatural - Dean/Sam - Sam flipped back to the first page, adjusted the candle on the bedside table and started reading. (Also check out the translation into Russian by la_Distance)

Hide and Seek - Supernatural - Dean/Benny - He told himself he didn't need Benny's huge hands stroking over his back, the sharp scruff of Benny's chin against his cheek, the way Benny would carry him to bed if Dean was too tired to walk and would kiss him until he stopped feeling so self-conscious.

No. He didn't need any of those things, but he still went.  



All Yours - Supernatural - Sam/Dean - He found his brother at the full-length mirror, staring back at his reflection, fingers picking at the skin of his back. Sam could hardly hold back his excitement. 

Between the Seats - Supernatural - Dean/Impala - "You are trying to put me to sleep," he noted. 

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This is where I'll be posting the exchanges, bangs, etc. that I'm currently participating in for easy reference. Will be updated as needed and challenges I've been in but have thus ended are in a separate post. Also featured here are ones I'm thinking about signing up for.

Already In

SPN Femslash Mini-Bang

Dean/Castiel Big Bang or Mini Bang (Mini Bang)

Debriel Mini-Bang

Gen Fic Swap Round 1

Rare Characters Exchange

Team Free Will Big Bang or Mini Bang (Mini Bang)

Multifandom Femslash Exchange

Femslash Fest Autumn 2014

Femslash Exchange

Thinking About Signing Up For

Gabriel Big Bang

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This is just to help me keep track of all of the various fests, challenges, exchanges, bangs, etc. I've been in. Will be updated as needed, current challenges are in another post.

Hellatus H/C Olympics (hoodie_time)
The Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang and Prompt Week
Rare Women Fanfic Exchange
Night on Fic Mountain
M/M Rares: A Rarepair Slash Exchange
Rare Pair Fest

sand2013 (SPN Angels and Demons Exchange)
#surlycas challenge
Rare Pair Fest
Femslash Exchange
Tag Exchange
femslash yuletide
Holly Poly (Holly Polly) Fest
Team Free Will Secret Santa
Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange


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Hi! Just wanted to say that I probably will not be posting my work on here, since there's kinda too much of it and I already post it to three other sites. If you've read my profile you should have seen the sites I listed, but I'm going to list them here anyway, just in case anyone's interested.

And if anyone loves Dean/Gabriel, they are my OTP and they need so much more love; the bulk of my writing is for them and if you ship them as much as I do, please let me know because I am thrilled to always find new shippers for this pairing. Anyway... ~ OpheliacAngel ~ All my fanfiction work is here, including my early and kinda lacking stuff. ~ Taste_of_Suburbia ~ This is probably the best option. My mainly newer though some older stuff that is definitely better than my older stuff. ~ GorgeousBlueSilver ~ Material that isn't fanfiction, mainly poetry/songs. ~ charla8897 ~ All of my Dean/Gabriel work is archived under Beautiful Mouth. My writing for other fandoms and pairings, though only my later work, is archived under Fanfiction.

I'm very friendly, so start up a conversation if you ever get the desire to :)


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