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So I've decided to make a list of some of my favorite writing material of 2015. In the below lists I have drabbles, fic and stories that are either my favorites or that I am most proud of, or usually both. 

Favorite Drabbles: 
All the Pieces Don't Fall into Place - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
You've Got a Way of Watching the World Divide - Supernatural - Sarah/Bela
Cure My World - Supernatural - Bela/Ruby
Some of Your Power - Supernatural - Sarah/Ruby
There Are All Your Intentions Drained Dry - Vampire High - Merrill/Sherry
Favorite Short Fics: 
Our Fated Endeavors - Poltergeist: The Legacy - Nick/Derek
A Winchester's Guide to True Feelings - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
On the Table, Under the Knife - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Be Gentle, Sammy - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Damned - Supernatural - Casey/Bela
Where You End and I Start To Begin - Moonlight - Mick/Josef
Graceless/Bloodless - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
The Steady Crushing of the Soul - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
Hope You Got a Minute, Hope You Want Me In It - Supernatural - Dean/Sam
Favorite Long Fics: 
If I Could Run Far or Fast Enough - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
One Blink and Then You're Gone - Supernatural - Dean/Gabriel
We're Only Bleeding - Vampire High - Marty/Merrill
Most Favorite: The Skin Job - From Paris With Love - Reece/Wax
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So my writing life has sucked recently; I don't think I've ever been happy with it actually. I've been thinking about quitting for a long while now and more and more I just want to go through with it. Or at least write one or two things a year. Guess I'll just see what comes of it. 
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Charlie Countryman was pretty damn good, but I wish it had been longer and I think I wanted to like it more than I actually did. Except... Evan Rachel Woods was gorgeous (especially with accent), seeing a homicidal Mads Mikkelsen was a real treat, and Shia Labeouf is a fantastic actor (so much fucking emotion). 

Came home late one night and popped in Insurgent to re-watch. I saw it in IMAX in the theater and adored it then, and was pleasantly surprised that I loved it just as much on a second watch and on a second screen. Theo James is adorable as Four and Shailene Woodley is incredible as Tris (god, can she act). Plus TrisFour is just perfection. Still have to read the books....

Creed, the latest Rocky installment (and I am totally calling it that), was really good. I've never seen Stallone in anything I haven't loved, so I knew it would be, but he had so many scenes and I liked the other actors too, so of course I had to watch it again. 

Season 2 of The Middle was just as good and as funny as the first. Seriously, I have no idea how that show does it. I've been looking for a good comedy show for years and have tried plenty and have never found one even remotely as good as this one. 

Halfway through Season 2 of Z Nation and it's just as good as the first. To be honest, I like this series as much as I like The Walking Dead. I feel it's just as original and adds a certain lightness and humor that The Walking Dead doesn't have, while also adding in serious and heartbreaking scenes just as well as The Walking Dead. 

As far as books go, last month I read Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie for my Gilded Age class and adored it. Not only superbly well-written, but also almost a history book as it talks about the time period. One of the best books I have ever read. Frank Holt's Into the Land of Bones, a requirement for my Age of Alexander course, was also fantastic: easy to get through and interesting and Holt also making me want to attack his references and read more about Seleucid history especially. I'm currently reading Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here for my Fascism class and I hate it. Half of it is incredibly dull and the other half I can't even understand. I'm pretty picky on books in general, less so on Classics, and this book is gonna be hell to get through. 

And I finally read and just finished Richelle Mead's The Ruby Circle, and I swear to god that book was written for me. For those of you who aren't familiar with Richelle Mead's young adult books (her adult books are forced and terrible, okay, sorry), Vampire Academy is the first series and Bloodlines the second and a spin-off of Vampire Academy, with some major and some minor characters and even some new characters. Richelle Mead created this fully fleshed out and kick-ass world where half-vampire, half-human Dhampirs protect royal vampires, Moroi, from the evil Strigoi, or the evil vampires. If this doesn't sound awesome enough, she also creates the Alchemists, a religious organization that hides the vampire world from humans and work with the Moroi to do this (even though they claim all vampires are evil).

SPOILERS: These two series have EVERYTHING: resurrection, chases, vacations to Russia, wielding magic to heal and/or damage, murder, friendship, kidnapping, heart-melting romance and SO much more. The Ruby Circle, unfortunately, is the last book of the Bloodlines series. While VA started out as my favorite series (Romitri and Rose & Lissa), Bloodlines became my favorite by The Fiery Heart, primarily because of Adrian/Sydney. Sydney is a lot like me, especially with her obsession with ancient history, and Adrian/Sydney quickly became my favorite couple. Not only that but SPOILERS! by the end of the series they finally finally FINALLY get their happy ending and live in Northern Maine (so totally my dream state). See what I mean? Book totally written for me. They could have moved anywhere but they chose MAINE. Not only that, but it was totally my dream for Eddie to stay with them and I was completely expecting this not to come true and IT DID. Still crying over that ending, sobbing actually. 

Here's some music to brighten your day. 

Absolutely gorgeous instrumental piece. 

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"And when any seemed to wonder that he should have never a statue, while many ordinary persons had one, "I would," said he, "much rather be asked, why I have not one, than why I have one." In short, he would not have any honest citizen endure to be praised, except it might prove advantageous to the commonwealth. Yet still he had passed the highest commendation on himself; for he tells us that those who did anything wrong, and were found fault with, used to say it was not worth while to blame them, for they were not Catos. He also adds, that they who awkwardly mimicked some of his actions were called left-handed Catos; and that the senate in perilous times would cast their eyes on him, as upon a pilot in a ship, and that often when he was not present they put off affairs of greatest consequence. These things are indeed also testified of him by others; for he had a great authority in the city, alike for his life, his eloquence, and his age."

Disclaimer: I take no credit for this. The above passage belongs to Plutarch's 'Life of Cato' (Cato the Elder/Marcus Cato) and is taken from this site:

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I stumbled upon this in my Topics in Classics class last semester and simply have to share it. I've stumbled upon quite a few hilarious passages as I've studied Ancient History, but this is so far the funniest thing I've ever come across. The below passages regard the infamous misanthrope Timon of Athens. This takes place in the Life of (Mark) Antony because after fleeing the Battle of Actium once Cleopatra deserted her fleet, Antony compared himself to Timon of Athens. 

Here Cleopatra undertook to raise her fleet out of water and drag the ships across, and after launching them in the Arabian Gulf
54 with much money and a large force, to settle in parts outside of Egypt, thus escaping war and servitude. But since the Arabians about Petra burned the first ships that were drawn up, and Antony still thought that his land forces at Actium were holding together, she desisted, and guarded the approaches to the country.4 And now Antony forsook the city and the society of his friends, and built for himself a dwelling in the sea at Pharos, by throwing a mole out into the water. Here he lived an exile from men, and declared that he was contentedly imitating the life of Timon, since, indeed, his experiences had been like Timon's; for he himself also had been wronged and treated with ingratitude by his friends, and therefore hated and distrusted all mankind.

70 1 Now, Timon was an Athenian, and lived about the time of the Peloponnesian War, as may be gathered from the plays of Aristophanes and Plato. For he is represented in their comedies as peevish and misanthropical; but though he avoided and repelled all intercourse with men, he was glad to see Alcibiades, who was then young and headstrong, and showered kisses upon him. And when Apemantus p299was amazed at this and asked the reason for it, Timon said he loved the youth because he knew that he would be a cause of many ills to Athens. 2 This Apemantus alone of all men Timon would sometimes admit into his company, since Apemantus was like him and tried sometimes to imitate his mode of life; and once, at the festival of The Pitchers,55 the two were feasting by themselves, and Apemantus said: "Timon, what a fine symposium ours is!" "It would be," said Timon, "if thou wert not here." We are told also that once when the Athenians were holding an assembly, he ascended the bema, and the strangeness of the thing caused deep silence and great expectancy; then he said: 3 "I have a small building lot, men of Athens, and a fig-tree is growing in it, from which many of my fellow citizens have already hanged themselves. Accordingly, as I intend to build a house there, I wanted to give public notice to that effect, in order that all of you who desire to do so may hang yourselves before the fig-tree is cut down." After he had died and been buried at Halae near the sea, the shore in front of the tomb slipped away, and the water surrounded it and made it completely inaccessible to man. 4 The inscription on the tomb was:

"Here, after snapping the thread of a wretched life, I lie.

Ye shall not learn my name, but my curses shall follow you."

This inscription he is said to have composed    p301himself, but that in general circulation is by Callimachus:

"Timon, hater of men, dwells here; so pass along;

Heap many curses on me, if thou wilt, only pass along."

71 1 These are a few things out of many concerning Timon. As for Antony, Canidius in person brought him word of the loss of his forces at Actium, and he heard that Herod the Jew, with sundry legions and cohorts, had gone over to Caesar, and that the other dynasts in like manner were deserting him and nothing longer remained of his power outside of Egypt.2 However, none of these things greatly disturbed him, but, as if he gladly laid aside his hopes, that so he might lay aside his anxieties also, he forsook that dwelling of his in the sea, which he called Timoneum, and after he had been received into the palace by Cleopatra, turned the city to the enjoyment of suppers and drinking-bouts and distributions of gifts, inscribing in the list of ephebi56 the son of Cleopatra and Caesar, 3 and bestowing upon Antyllus the son of Fulvia thetoga virilis without purple hem, in celebration of which, for many days, banquets and revels and feastings occupied Alexandria.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for this. The above passages are from Plutarch's 'Life of (Mark) Antony' and the website:*.html
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So this month has been a pretty eventful one for discovering music and I have to put it here so I can go back to it later: 

New Finds: 

Tori Amos' Raspberry Swirl: what a fun song. Three other amazing songs are: Blood Roses, Liquid Diamonds and Siren (the latter from the Great Expectations soundtrack). 

Katatonia's Dissolving Bonds and Displaced, both b-sides to their kick-ass and haunting album The Great Cold Distance. This album (with several others) helped me getting through time alone and away from home, especially Soil's Song and Increase. Into the White is another I keep going back to. 

Straylight Run - Hands in the Sky (Big Shot) - found this awesome song while watching Season 2 of Sons of Anarchy. One of the best scenes ever in that show and a song I've been putting on loop since then. 

Meg Myers is pretty talented and I especially adore her singles Desire and Sorry

Metric's Sick Muse is so unique, especially the dubstep version. Of course, I still obsess over Help I'm Alive

Signs of Betrayal's Addiction I am far too obsessed with. Seriously, still on repeat. 

Dishwalla's Angels or Devils sounds so familiar, yet also haunting and gorgeous. 

Songs I Found Again: 

Smile Empty Soul's False Alarm: so poetic. They also do an amazing song on The Punished called Finding Myself

And the absolute gorgeousness that is Submersed's Hollow (the way this guy sings... gah). Submersed also does an awesome song called Complicated on The Punisher soundtrack. 

Still obsessed with after endless weeks: 

Autumnblaze's New Ghosts in Town (no adequate words for this song from this German band). Every Sun is Fragile is also frighteningly beautiful. 

Stabbing Westward's album Darkest Days. Song highlights being: Everything I Touch, You Complete Me, Sometimes It Hurts and Desperate Now (Desperate Now!) 

Revis (REVIS! Revis, okay?) Okay, some highlights, even though all their songs are highlights: Living Rooms, Caught in the Rain, Your Wall, Spin, Save Our Souls and From That Point On. 

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So writing's been slow going lately. Music usually inspires me if I need a pick-me-up, but no luck no matter how much I push. I'm trying to continue with my Gabriel Big Bang but am just not feeling it. I'm even slowing down on femslashficlets and can't get any ideas for my rare pair bingo card or h/c_bingo for the amnesty period, even though I'm long overdue for Dean/Lucifer, Alice/Claire and even Dean/Gabriel. 

Update: Long overdue Ducifer here.

I can't get any ideas period

My movie and tv life has been just as uneventful. No movies, but I did watch Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (and Season 2, which I don't think I posted yet). Season 2 is my favorite season so far. I wasn't really able to get into the Irish/IRA stuff in Season 3, despite wanting to, and I really expected more beautiful Irish scenery than was given. I really love watching Tara evolve as a character and Tig got some more screen time, which was awesome. I'm also watching The Middle on and off and am about to start Season 2. And I finished Season 1 of iZombie and ended up loving it, so looks like I'm definitely moving on to Season 2.

Up Next: Z Nation Season 2

Music post next. 
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So my assignment for spnspringfling was a bitch to write but it felt like a nice challenge and it came out pretty good. 

Happy and going to bed. 
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 Go check out the wonderful Debriel art kuwlshadow made for me for spnspringfling. It is simply too precious for words :D
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Probably should wait to blog until I've actually watched more, but I'm in the mood so....

I've started watching The Middle and I have totally found my comedy show! Unfortunately, I tuned in at Season 3 and almost watched half the season, but starting today I'm gonna go back to Season 1 and then Season 2 so I can try to watch it in order. Anyway, such a charming and funny series and I love how they're so negative and just want to lay around the house all the time instead of doing social things (totally like me). 

Also started watching iZombie and it's okay. I like it enough to keep watching it but if it doesn't get better then I'll probably drop it. Usually I like CW shows (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Beauty and the Beast, Arrow and probably others I can't think of right now), but this one is just meh.

I totally recognized Aly from Aly and AJ though, and she is gorgeous. When she said that line to Liv though: "You're my heart," I totally thought they were dating or had dated until I remembered that guy named Major. Seriously? Why would you have her say that line when it is definitely a gay line? So that pissed me off.

Another thing that pissed me off was bringing in Ty Olsson (Benny in Supernatural!) and having him be so cute and charming and then only giving him a couple scenes and making him a bad guy. And the whole type of bad guy he was just didn't sit right with me. Why couldn't he have been a minor character in the show? Few episodes? Thanks for getting my hopes up stupid show! And I know he played a bad guy in Arrow too but I never thought he would be a regular and that somehow didn't piss me off as much in that show. Dammit. So... frustrations and I'm still watching. We'll see how it goes. 

Okay, end of rant. 

And some pics because he is a serious cuddly teddy bear.
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So I should probably update my movie and tv life. 

I binge watched Season 1 of Sons of Anarchy, and by that I mean really binge watched (as in 13 episodes in 3 days), but it's probably because this weekend was busy with homework and stuff. I seriously loved it. I've been wanting to watch the series for years now and my mom finally beat me to it and kicked my ass into gear once she finished all the seasons. I really love pretty much all the characters but am partial to: Gemma, Tig and Otto (Kurt Sutter is awesome, okay?).

And seriously, the bromance and chemistry between Tig and Clay is epic! 

I've been rewatching bits and pieces of The Walking Dead Season 5 and am still thoroughly impressed. I still find it so amazing that one of the best tv series ever created revolves around a zombie apocalypse... finally. But I am also really disappointed that there are not more zombie movies out there. 

As far as movies go, I've been pretty disappointed lately. The Last Witch Hunter was so disappointing considering how much I was looking forward to it, it just felt generic and boring and the more I keep thinking about it the more pissed I am.

Our Brand is Crisis was a lot better, I liked all the people/book quotes and Sandra Bullock was great, but it wasn't amazing or anything. It still felt a bit like something I've already seen before. The end definitely stayed with me though: getting off the carousel. 

Inevitable Spoilers below. 

Can I geek out over Resident Evil now? Permission?

I rewatched Resident Evil (the first one) because whenever I don't know what to watch I always go to my Resident Evil's, and was so relieved to still find it fresh, exciting and funny (that kick to the zombie doberman's head was hilarious and awesome, because killing zombie dobermans is a-okay). The acting is still believable and I love how Alice grows into herself (she seems much harsher in Apocalypse, though maybe because the events of the first film made her bitter, with Matt and all). I also love the creepiness of the film (I still think that zombies will not show up even though they inevitably will), the Red Queen (who I always expect to be annoying but never is with her 'you're all going to die down here,' and even the small details like Spence offering Alice his leather jacket :)    

Also, can I still ship Spence/Alice even though Spence is evil and there is still some memory loss? 'Cause James Purefoy is hotness... okay? (And what is it with me and het lately?). Video not mine btw.  

Still spoilers, people. 
Also am rewatching Vampire High episodes out of order (hopefully you can still find them on Youtube). 
Odd Man Out was nicely Marty-centered, with trying to make Essie fall in love with him (aww... poor neglected Marty) and Essie's serious jealousy issues and the dancing!
Both Sides Now is one of my favorites (love love love Merrill - and Marty too), and for some reason I totally forgot that doppelganger (though kinda not doppelganger) Merrill/Marty kiss (how could I? - biggest Merrill/Marty shipper). Okay, that kiss was seriously hot. And trying to deny all that hidden love for Marty in front of Professor Murdoch... Merrill, how could you? Plus, Murdoch totally knows. Video is also not mine. 

Next on the list: Sons of Anarchy Season 2, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Sicario, Spotlight, Creed

Shipping status: Tig/Clay, Spence/Alice, Merrill/Marty
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So I'm getting really into Ill Nino. I stumbled on their song With You a year or two ago, but for some reason didn't go further than that. 

Two awesome videos: 

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Music = orgasm. Of course, I mean metal music. 

Nick Holmes - Paradise Lost (I Remain, Hallowed Land, Mystify, Prelude to Descent, Mouth, Perfect Mask)
Chino Moreno - Deftones (Change, My Own Summer, Be Quiet and Drive, Tempest, Leathers, Rosemary, You've Seen the Butcher)
Autumnblaze (New Ghosts in Town)
Revis (Spin, Living Rooms)
Ill Nino (Unreal)

Will be adding to this :)
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Finished Season 6 of Downton Abbey and I am so depressed that it's ended but really love the season too. 

Some things I loved: Anna and Bates having their own baby, Anna and Mary continuing with their best friends relationship, Tom trying to kill himself (you poor baby you!), Carson and Hughes domesticity, Branson coming back!, Lady Mary and her relationship troubles and selfishness and patching things up with Lady Edith, and Lady Edith! OMG I finally love you!

I finally finished the 1st season of The OC and adored it. It was rocky there for a few episodes with Oliver (really hated him), but then it started to get really good again. I especially love Seth, Summer, Marissa and Sandy (even though it was sad to see Anna go). I'm gonna try to save the other three seasons for the summer while I start watching Sons of Anarchy. 

Tea with Mussolini was awesome (it's always great to see Cher). 

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So I kept on submitting paragraphs of the same work and I kept on coming up with the same badge.
Awesomeness :)

My Badge
I write like
Arthur Conan Doyle

I Write LikeAnalyze your writing!


Feb. 7th, 2016 12:00 am
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I'm almost 8000 words in on my h/c_bingo card for the February Amnesty Challenge!

Can't believe I'm writing Ames/Alec (which I wrote last year), but oh well. So much FEELS with these two I can't even handle it. Seriously, the writing just flows from my fingers like nothing else. All the emotions and the pain and the angst. 

And GAH, the prompts: taking care of somebody, fever/delirium, deadline/time bomb and the wonderful Wild Card. 

Loving my writing life right now. 

Edit: 26000 words and done!

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The Judge was amazing. I am a total sucker for family films, especially when the family is dysfunctional and fucked up and there is so much angst and so many FEELS and this one really hit the spot for me. I'll never get over how emotional Robert can get and how believable he can be and he is totally perfect in this film. Like, I can't even. Too many feels. It's fascinating to watch him come back home to his brothers and father and struggle with his past and the belief that his father never loved him and the anger he feels. Even though this movie was over two hours I just wanted more. So painful yet satisfying. Robert Downey Jr., thank you so much for this amazing performance. 

Dead Man Walking was another superb film. Tim Robbins is a total god and I'm surprised by how much I loved this. Sean Penn's one of my favorites and I've always had a total soft spot for Susan Sarandon. Their performances were nothing less than stunning. Not to mention, this was a really hard to watch film and the best films always are (take Reservoir Dogs). 

Edge of Tomorrow I loved much more than I thought I would. Tom Cruise is another one of my favorite's (I have never seen him in a film I hated and that is rare), and he and Emily Blunt were a duo I didn't think I'd come to love. Great idea, great design of the monsters and great characters. I loved Emily in the badass role and Tom as a coward and sort of damsel until Emily forces him to step up (this was a really great route Tom decided to go in and proves that he is such a feminist... I can't even). As if Tom and Simon (Pegg) weren't enough, now I'm all Tom and Emily. 

So... I watch a lot of films, okay? And to think I used to watch more. 

Also, Season 2 and Season 3 of Ray Donovan are drop dead amazing. Season 2 - Jon Voight, you are killing me. Season 3 - Jon Voight and Liev Schrieber... you two are killing me all over again. And Eddie Marsan... can't forget about you :)
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So I have to make this post because I've been depressed and today was the best day I have had in years

First, I go to Goodwill Bookstore and find the last 2 Maximum Ride books I need (fucking love this series) and the complete series of The OC (4 separate seasons). Not only have I been trying to find this series for months now, but getting the whole freaking series for $20 at $5 a piece? Too damn good to be true. It's also a great sign too because this series really cheers me up, so the fact that I found it in its entirety means something. 

Then, I go to Dunkin Donuts to get my breakfast and lunch since I have classes back to back, and they're so friendly and I give them my coupon and something gets messed up and they're still so friendly... and they forget to charge me. Seriously, walked out with $7 worth of free food and coffee. 

Next I get to class and we're doing a group project and I get to talk with this girl who I like and who is actually super down to earth and nice. 

When I get to my next class I'm surprised how quickly the day is going, and my last class of the day this guy who I've kinda been crushing on asks me out. Seriously. And then we walk to the parking lot together and he takes my hand and kisses the top of it like a total gentleman and then gives me this huge bear hug ('cause that's what he's like... a big cuddly bear). Totally my day. 

And then I get home and my mom is super supportive (which she rarely is because she's overprotective and possessive), and she's like 'oh yeah, you can have the car all weekend' (which never happens w/o her throwing a bitch fit). 

And now Taproot's 'Shine' shows up in my head and songs always reflect my mood, not to mention usually try to tell me something too. And this is such a happy, positive, love-filled song for me. And one of my favorite bands, so very familiar :)

I feel like the universe is finally working for me :D

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Catching up for the past couple of weeks. 

Kill Me Three Times was pretty boring. I only picked it up for Simon Pegg but he didn't have enough screen time :(  
Back to Rogue Nation. 

Just finished watching Season 1 of The Leftovers and while I was skeptical at first, as soon as I got to the third episode I started falling in love. This is an amazing show. It made me remember how brilliant of an actor Christopher Eccleston is. And the other actors in the series are superb, not to mention it's a brutally fucked up series at times too. Seriously, watch it. 

Ray Donovan Season 2 was pretty good but I found myself liking Season 1 better, except for Jon Voight's scenes. He is a god. 
Looks like I'm going back to MI:1 also. 

Things coming up: Edge of Tomorrow, Tea with Mussolini and Ray Donovan Season 3. 
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Burying myself in homework in order to ignore everything else. 

It works. 


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