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So very recently I was gifted a fic in randi2204's absolutely spectacular Mag7 Rockstar!AU, after giving her some prompts for Mag7 Daybook's holiday season, and of course I absolutely have to share it here.

First of all, you should check out the awesome fic that spurred me on to give her some prompts and to dip my toes a little into the AU with my Chris/Ezra drabble for her. The fic takes place on Mary's 'Good Good Morning' show as she interviews the boys and how they came together as a rock band. It's just so charming and real and the boys are so lovely here and it's worth like a hundred reads.

Good Good Morning! - AO3 or dreamwidth

And here's the fic that was so unexpectedly and sweetly gifted to me after I gave her a prompt that bit me and wouldn't let go. This one centers around JD's beloved guitar getting broken and Buck doing something so unexpected and heartfelt and this one just has all the FEELS: angsty and happy. Go read!

The Angels Had Guitars - AO3 or dreamwidth

Here's to many more fics in this wonderful AU!

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